Increasing sows performance is key to improve the profitability of pig farming. Any improvement on piglets robustness and weaning weight is a key parameter for final profitability.

Improved lactating sow performance

TRADILIN® provide a high quality energy rich in efficient omega-3 with several very positive benefits.

The efficient omega-3 and lignans of TRADILIN® boost the hormonal metabolism and promote sow fertility.

Farrowing time
- 1 hour

Improved piglets performance

TRADILIN® significantly improves sow colostrum quality with highly increased Ig-G and Ig-A levels which strengthens piglets immunity.

The better survival rate at weaning especially for low birth weight piglets, also comes from the fact that TRADILIN® reduces chronic inflammation. 

TRADILIN® also strenghtens piglets intestinal health with a higher nutrient intake, thanks to an improved lactase activity.

In the end, the use of TRADILIN® in lactating sows leads to more weaned piglets per litter and to an increased litter weaning weight.

TRADILIN® and piglets performance:

Weaned piglet / sow / year
+ 0

And more...

TRADILIN® to gestating sows. Thanks to its high quality energy and components, TRADILIN® fed during gestating period will secure high prolific sows performances:

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TRADILIN® benefits have been widely proven over 30 years, 15 patents and more than 400 scientific publications


The effects of omega-3 linolenic acid from flaxseed oil supplemented to high-yielding dairy cows on production, health, and fertility.

ARTICLE IN PRESS | 26/11/2019

Effect of different contents of extruded linseed in the sow diet on piglet fatty acid composition and hepatic desaturase expression during the post-natal period.

dairy cattle


Omega-3 enrichment of animal products