Dairy cows

Feeding dairy cows is a major lever for farm profitability. It is possible to significantly increase herd productivity and at the same time improve the health and fertility of dairy cattle by using TRADILIN® and adapting the daily feed ration to their specific needs.

Higher milk yield and enhanced milk quality

The high quality energy provided by TRADILIN® leads to enhanced feed efficicency and, consequently, higher herd milk yield:

TRADILIN® allows to increase the energy level of the ration with no risk of acidosis and, at the same time, reduces the energy loss resulting from the production of enteric methane, -9% methane per litre of milk for an average dose of TRADILIN®. This energy is then used by the dairy cows for milk production and leads to increased milk yield.

The nutritional quality of milk is also better balanced: twice as much omega-3 and 10% less saturated fatty acids.

Milk / cow / day
+ 0L

Improved health for your cattle

Unlike the high omega-6 content in maize and soybeans, the omega-3 provided by TRADILIN® lessens inflammatory reactions and boosts the immune system. This leads to a reduced use of antibiotics and lower veterinary costs.

On top of that, the high quality fat contained in TRADILIN® is non-acidogenic and reduces the risk of acidosis.

The demonstrated benefits of TRADILIN® for dairy cows health:

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Improved fertility and reproduction

Both the omega-3 of TRADILIN®, which act as a hormone precursor, and its lignans improve fertility, so cows remain in heat for longer and with better results at insemination.

TRADILIN® has also demonstrated that it shortens the calving interval, leading to an increased productivity of the whole herd.

TRADILIN® benefits for the fertility and reproduction of dairy cows:

Of calving interval
- 0 days

VISIOLAC® is a unique decision making web plat-form for account managers advising dairy farmers.

VISIOLAC® uses the MIR fatty acids analysis to deliver advices to farmers, thanks to a set of equations which valorize the fatty acids into zootechnical parameters. Equations are the results of strong Valorex R&D programs. 3 different experiences with 3 reports are available in the tool.

The first steps experience is the one to start the introduction to fatty acids and TRADILIN® to farmers, making the link between the important fatty acids and efficiency or health parameters.

The technical report delivers precise evaluations of zootechnical performances and contributes to fine tune ration and especially maximize the benefits we can get out of TRADILIN®.

The methane report estimates methane emission per litre of milk using INRAE-Valorex patented equation. Technicians can design methane decreasing strategy with farmers combining efficiency, economy and care of the planet. 

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TRADILIN® benefits have been widely proven over 30 years, 15 patents and more than 400 scientific publications

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