TRADILIN®, the unique selected and pressure-cooked linseed  

TRADILIN® is the unique combination of linseed careful selection, to get the best seeds and monitor their quality precisely, and of high value-added pressure-cooking with our patented manufacturing process.

Tradilin® makes the most out of linseed thanks to its patented process 

Our patented technology uses precise pressure and tempareture parameters to destroy anti-nutritional factors and make nutrients highly available and digestible. Our process allows the product to reach the highest digestibility for the highest efficiency.

1Seed selection

Qualification of seed composition and differentiated storage via rapid NIR analysis.

#Nutritional values (omega-3, proteins…)
#NIR analysis
Valorex step 1 seed selection

2 Weighing

#Sequential translation of the recipe
#Several hundred recipes
#Some forty raw materials available
Valorex step 2 Weighing

3 Grinding

#Particle size distribution
#Technological adaptations
Valorex step 3 Grinding

4 Mixing

#Addition of technological supports
Valorex step 4 mixing

5 Heat and enzyme treatment

Destruction of anti-nutritional factors in seeds through thermal and enzymatic means (activation of endogenous enzymes).

Valorex step 5 heat and enzyme tratment

6 Thermo-mechanical treatment

Utilization of a nozzle or die based on the product presentation. Enhancement of seed digestibility through a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pressure.

#Shear force
valorex step 6 Thermo-Mechanical treatment

7 Drying

#Hot air flow
#120°C max
valorex step 7 Drying

8 Cooling

#Ambient air flow
#Product stabilisation
Valorex step 8 Cooling

9 Packing

#Big bag
#Modified atmosphere bag
Valorex step 9 packing

Tradilin® benefits

TRADILIN® is an energy source, so its inclusion means it can replace other energy sources such as palm oil, but in addition, it provides health and reproduction benefits for the animals.
TRADILIN® process leads to a progressive release of omega-3 in the rumen of dairy cows, mimicking the behaviour of fresh grass.

Better fat Efficiency

GMO free

High omega-3 content

Sustainable plant source

Detoxified ingredient

Standardized quality

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