About us

For 30 years, Valorex has delved into the remarkable natural potential of oilseeds and protein-rich plants. Today, the company leverages its innovation and production expertise to benefit all players in agriculture, contributing to the progress of human and animal nutrition.


Creation of Valorex

Creation of Valorex, located in Combourtillé, in the North-West of France.


TRADILIN®'s Global Expansion Begins

First sales of TRADILIN® out of France, in Switzerland, with our long-lasting partner, Trinova.


Bleu-Blanc-Coeur: Omega-3 Breakthrough Trial

First clinical trial performed by Valorex on humans having eaten meat or eggs from animals fed with omega-3-enriched meals! This study led to the ndation of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur.


fondation of the Bleu-Blanc-coeur initiative

Valorex is proud to be among the founding members of the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur initiative. This independent association encompasses the entire value chain, from flax to animals and their products (meat, eggs, milk). Valorex remains a proud and committed partner to Bleu-Blanc-Coeur.


First Tradilin® Patent: Linseed Cooking Innovation

Publication of the first TRADILIN® patent focused on the linseed cooking technology.


first Partner Plant Launch in switzerland

Launch of our first international partner plant using our patents, in Switzerland.


Breakthrough Patent: Monitoring methane emissions with milk fatty acids

First patent on enteric methane emissions monitoring via milk fatty acids. This unique expertise is currently provided through Visiolac and via Eco-Sens, sister company of Valorex.

lAunch of visiolac


Launch of Visiolac, the tool providing any dairy farmer with the key to relevant nutrition advice. Inputs come from the farm milk fatty acids. This expertise is still developed by Valorex today.


Creation of Valorex Food branch

Valorex decides to offer consumers the best of linseed, not only via animal products, but also via other foods.


Global Expansion: Second Partner Plant Launch in Germany

Launch of our second international partner plant using our patents, in Germany. This factory manufactures Tradilin for Germany, Scandinavia and Poland.


World's First Epidemiological Study on Dairy Cows

Launch of the world first epidemiological study made on dairy cows. This unique study was performed on 4979 dairy farms on 7 years!

NEW tradilin® patent


New TRADILIN® patent based on advanced linseed pressure-cooking technology.


Third Partner Plant Launch in Austria

Launch of our third international partner plant using our patents, in Austria. This factory manufactures TRADILIN® for Austria, Central and Eastern Europe.

Background new tradilin


Creation of eco-sens

Creation of Eco-Sens, sister company of Valorex. Eco-Sens is a services company focused on enteric methane expertise, offered to dairy processors worldwide.


30 years of valorex

Valorex celebrates 30 years of thriving business, which supports farmers and feed companies in improving animal performance and health in more than 30 countries.


Organization of the first TRADILIN® DAIRY CAMPUS

For the first time, Valorex brought together in 2023 all of the new comers within its international partners network for a training on TRADILIN®, its benefits and how to use it to improve farm performance. This successful event was the first of many to come!


Valorex keeps on striving for exploring the potential of oilseeds and protein crops to magnify the benefits of natural ingredients in sustainable agriculture.